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Royal Lassi-$4.49

Yogurt smoothie with with mango & saffron cream swirled in it

Junglee Chaas-$3.49

Yogurt drink with fresh herbs and curry leaves

Punjabi Lassi-$3.49

A cooling yogurt drink served sweet or salty 

Mango Tango-$3.49

Mango & Passion Fruit Juice cocktail 

Thai Ice Tea-$3.99

A Creamy ice tea with distinctive flavor

Cutting Chai-$2.49

Mumbai’s special masala tea

Fountain Drinks-$1.99

coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, fanta, lemonade & ice tea




Tomato Soup-$4.99

Rich & creamy..scented with kaffir lime

Hot & Sour Soup-$4.99

A sesame & pepper veg soup(veg or chicken) 

sweet corn soup-$4.99

A thick soup with sweet corn 

Lemon coriander soup-$4.99

Vegetable soup topped with lemon & cilantro 



Chinese Bhel-$6.99

Thin masala noodles tossed in a tangy & spicy sauce 

Chili Focaccia-$5.49

A flatbread topped w/fresh chili, onions & cheese 

Punjabi Samosa-$4.99

Tempered potatoes and peas in a crispy pastry 

Szechuan Fries-$6.99

Potato chips stir fried with Szechuan sauce

Veg Spring Rolls-$6.99

Crunchy veggies in a crispy spring roll

Chilli Garlic Edamame-$7.99

Edamame tossed with fresh garlic & chilli sauce

Shishito Peppers-$7.99

Japanese Peppers tossed in sea salt & soy sauce

Kati Roll (Frankie)-$10.99

A choice of paneer, veggie ,chicken or Lamb

Dry Chilli Baby Corn-$10.99

Baby corn tossed in a tangy chilli sauce

Tangy Tofu-$11.99

Tofu tossed in a tangy house sauce

Szechuan Aloo Gobi-$12.99

Potatoes and cauliflower toseed with onions in a szechaun sauce

Dry Manchurian-$12.99

Veg or Gobi (Cauliflower) or Mushroom tossed in a Manchurian sauce

Dry Paneer Tikka-$14.99

Marinated cottaage cheese tossed W/ onion & bellpepper

Dry Chilli Paneer-$14.99

Paneer tossed in a tangy chilli sauce

Tandoori Paneer Tikka-$14.99

Marinated Paneer. onions & bell peppers cooked in Tandoor 


Chicken Samosa-$7.99

Samosas filled with minced chicken and spices 

Lamb Samosa-$8.99

Samosas filled with minced lamb meat and spices 

Chicken Lollypops-$9.99

Crispy battered chicken wings w/Szechuan sauce 

Hyderbadi 65-$9.99

Marinated paneer or chicken in a tangy sauce w/ curry leaves 

Anda ka Funda-$11.99

Boiled eggs tossed with fresh ginger, garlic and chilli 

Murg Malai Kabab-$15.99

Chicken kabab with rich cream sauce & gypsy onion 

Reshmi Chicken Tikka-$15.99

Marinated chicken boti cooked in the tandoor 

Haryali Murg Ke Kabab-$15.99

Chicken marinated with cilantro, mint & distinctive flavor

Black Pepper Chicken-$15.99

Chicken kabab tossed in fresh crushed black pepper 

Tandoori Chicken-$15.99

Marinated chicken, skewered and cooked in the tandoor 

Szechuan Chicken Tikka-$15.99

W/ spicy garlic & ground red pepper sauce 

Dry Chilli Chicken-$15.99

Chicken tossed in a tangy chilli sauce 

Chicken Sekuwa-$15.99

BBQ skewered chicken with a habanero sauce 

Sheek Kabab-$17.99

Marinated minced lamb, skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Lamb Chops-$27.99

Frenched lamb rack spiced marinated cooked in tandoor 

Tandoori Mix-$19.99

Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Shrimp, Sheek kabab 

Tandoori Fish-$19.99

Mahi Mahi fish marinated and cooked in tandoor 

Tandoori Shrimp-$19.99

Marinated Jumbo shrimp cooked in the tandoor 

Wok N Shrimp-$19.99

Shrimp tossed in house sauce with jalapenos 

Mystic Masala

Egg Curry-$11.99

Egg cooked in onion and tomato gravy 

Egg Kheema-$11.99

Shredded egg tossed W/ginger and garlic gravy 11.99

Chicken Tikka Masala-$15.99

Chicken kabab in a rich tomato cream sauce

Murg Methi Malai-$15.99

Reshmi chicken in a fresh fenugreek cream sauce 

Rahra Chicken-$15.99

Boneless tandoori chicken in a red chili masala. 

Butter Chicken-$15.99

Chicken coooked in creamy butter sauce 

Punjabi Chicken Curry-$15.99

Boneless Chicken in a tangy masala gravy 

Dhaba Chicken-$15.99

Boneless chicken cooked W/ mystic masla yogurt gravy

Chicken Korma-$15.99

Tender pieces of chicken in a rich & smooth gravy 

Masala Goat-$15.99

Tender goat on the bone in a spicy and tangy masala 

Mutton Masala-$16.99

Tender Boneless leg of Lamb in a tangy masala gravy. 

Lamb korma-$16.99

Tender chunks of lamb in a rich & smooth masala gravy.

Fish Curry-$19.99

Coconut curry fish, from the coastline of Kerala 

Shrimp Tikka Masala-$19.99

Shrimp in rich tomato cream sauce 

Shrimp Curry-$19.99

Shrimp cooked in tangy masala gravy 

Masala Vegetarian

Punjabi Chole-$12.99

Hot & tangy garbanzo bean masala. 

Daal Bukhara-$12.99

Dum pukth black daal with fresh herbs & spices. 

Daal Fry-$12.99

Mumbai‘s yellow daal tadka with fresh herbs and spices.

Mystic Mushroom Masala-$12.99

Mushrooms cooked in chefs special gravy 

Bhagare Baingan-$12.99

Eggplant braised in a tamarind & peanut sauce.

Bhindi Aloo Masala-$12.99

Okra & potatoes w/chili & onions 

Taro Root Masala-$12.99

Taro Root cooked in aromatic spices, Tava Style 

Matar Paneer-$14.99

Green peas, & homemade cheese cooked in curry sauce

PaneerTikka Masala-$14.99

Soft paneer in a tomato makhani gravy.

Methi Malai Paneer-$14.99

In a fresh fenugreek & cashew cream sauce.

Saag Paneer-$14.99

Creamed spinach & homemade paneer masala.

Shahi Navratan Korma-$14.99

Diced veg w/ cashew cream curry.

Kashmiri Malai ke Kofte-$14.99

Paneer dumpling w/ cashews in a rich curry. 

Veggies from the Wok

Bombay Style Chinese-Vegetarian 


Crispy cauliflower in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce 

Hot Garlic Eggplant-$12.99

Tender eggplant with dry red chilies & garlic. 

Kung Pao Veg-$12.99

Veggies, red chilies, peanuts & cashews in a spicy sauce 

Manchurian Veg balls-$12.99

Veg dumpling in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce 

Chili Garlic Potatoes-$12.99

Stir-fried Potatoes with garlic & chili paste

Hot Garlic Paneer-$14.99

Paneer with dry red chilies & garlic. 

Chili Paneer-$14.99

Tangy paneer stir-fried with chilies

Szechwan Paneer-$14.99

Soft paneer with a spicy Szechuan sauce.

Wok On Fire

Bombay Style Chinese Non-Vegetarian

Chilli Chicken-$14.99

Crispy cauliflower in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce 

Hot Garlic Chicken-$14.99

With Fresh crushed Garlic & dry red chillies 

Kung Pao Cashew chicken-$14.99

With spicy veggies & Cashew 

Manchurian Chicken-$14.99

In a Spicy ginger & Garlic  Soy sauce 

Schezuvan Chicken-$14.99

Tender chicken in a garlic, giber szechuan sauce

Schezuvan Prawns-$19.99

Paneer with dry red chilies & garlic. 

Shrimp & Cashew Curry-$19.99

In a spicy cocunut curry from malaysia


Add Egg -$1.49, Chicken -$2.49, Shrimps-$3.99

Steamed Rice-$4.99

Steamed Basmati rice

Jeera Rice-$4.99

Basmati rice cooked in exotic spices

Kashmiri Pulao-$9.99

Basmati rice with dry fruits and nuts

Chinese Fried Rice-$9.99

Stir-fried with shredded veggies

Chili Garlic Fried Rice-$9.99

Spiced w/ garlic and dry red chilies

Hot Garlic Chicken-$9.99

With fresh crushed garlic & dry red chillies

Thai Fried Rice-$9.99

cooked with red Thai curry

Dum Pukth Biryani-$12.99

Sealed and slow cooked with rice & Vegetables

Chicken Biryani-$15.99

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Goat Biryani-$15.99

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Lamb Biryani-$17.99

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Shrimp Biryani-$19.99

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables


Add Egg -$1.49, Chicken -$2.49, Shrimps-$3.99


Thin stir-fried noodles with vegetables

Hakka Noodles-$9.99

Bombay style flat lo mein noodles.

Malaysian Noodles-$9.99

Thin chowmein w/ red curry spice.& veg


Sweet & sour or Szechuan veg. over crispy noodles

Roti & Breads

Onion Kulcha-$3.99

Fresh baked flat bread stuffed with diced onions.

Tandoori Roti-$1.99

A tandoori whole wheat flat bread

Naan/Garlic Nan-$2.99

Flat bread w/ garlic & fresh herbs or plain

Chili Cheese Naan-$3.49

Spicy fresh baked flat bread w/ Cheese

Chili Garlic Naan-$2.99

Spicy fresh baked flat bread w/ Chili & Garlic

Olive Naan-$3.99

Flat bread stuffed w/ chooped green olives & onion

Lacha Paratha-$3.49

Whole wheat flat bread layered w/ butter and rolled

Rumali roti-$2.99

A soft, thin delicious roti prepared on the tandoor


Fresh Mitha Pan-$2.99

Pista Kulfi-$4.99

Malai Kulfi-$4.99

Pan Kulfi-$4.99

Mango Soufflé-$5.99

Gulab Jamun-$4.99

Flambe Jamun-$9.99

Creme Brule-$9.99

Service charge of 18% will be applied to parties of seven or more
Max. of only 2 credit cards can be used to split bill